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MyWineScore App Scores Your Wine Sensory Evaluation
and Writes Tasting Notes

Step 1
How it works:
Step 1
Enter Wine Label and Infomation
Select Image
Step 2
Go Through the Wine Sensory Evaluation
Visual Evaluation
Olfactory Evaluation
Gustatory Evaluation
Final Impressions
Score and Tasting Notes
Step 3
Score and Tasting Notes
Score and Tasting Notes
Step 4
Database of all Tasting Notes
MyWineScore Database
Step 5
Wine Tasting Timeline
MyWineScore Timeline
Step 6
Wine Sensory Characterization
MyWineScore Timeline
Step 7
Wine Stats
MyWineScore Wine Stats
Optimized for the Mac
MyWineScore was designed from the ground up exclusively for the Mac OSX operating system, in the native (Objective-C) language, thereby taking full advantage of the superior speed of the Mac CPU processor. This software is extremely fast, and accurate.
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