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Wine Tasting & Appreciation Course
    You will learn about the origins of wine, wine making process and aspects of wine tasting, including distinguishing the subtle nuances of flavor, taste, color, aroma and texture.
    You will have the opportunity to evaluate and taste four different wines.
    The training course takes approx. 2 hours and you will receive course tasting notes.
This wine tasting initiation course will teach you the secrets of:

      Grape varieties & wine regions
      Distinguishing by color, aroma, bouquet & most importantly taste
      Language and technique of wine tasting
      Etiquette of wine drinking, tasting and serving
      Interpreting the label
      Pairing wine with food
      Properly opening a wine bottle
      Ordering wine with confidence
Highly practical and hands-on approach, suitable for all levels, from the complete beginner to the trade professional.

"Courses are lively, unpretentions, educational yet fun approach to wine-tasting"
Wine Tasting Course