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Wine Tasting & Appreciation Course
This wine tasting initiation course will teach you the secrets of:

      Grape varieties & wine regions
      Distinguishing by color, aroma, bouquet & most importantly taste
      Language and technique of wine tasting
      Etiquette of wine drinking, tasting and serving
      Interpreting the label
      Pairing wine with food
      Properly opening a wine bottle
      Ordering wine with confidence
Highly practical and hands-on approach, suitable for all levels, from the complete beginner to the trade professional.

"Courses are lively, unpretentions, educational yet fun approach to wine-tasting"
TAILOR-MADE Wine Tasting Courses
The Academy's tailor-made wine-tasting courses will add fun and excitement to your next social event in your home, fund-raising, charity event, networking or any other occasion.
Wine Tasting Course

The Scottsdale Wine Academy's courses covers the world of wine